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Talking Sh*t: How your gut affects your health and performance

The gut is undeniably an area of the human body that most of us tend to forget about. We eat foods that sound tasty in the moment, and lose sight of portion control or implementing balance in our diet. The truth is, our gut health is one of the biggest contributing factors toward the overall health of our bodies because it affects the proper function of all our internal organs. In other words, gut health deserves our attention.

In this episode, I have a conversation with Dr. Vuu about his podcast, Thrive State. We delve into the way our gut works and explore what’s truly happening in our bodies during digestion. How do your eating habits affect your gut health? And we talk about poop- what is normal and what is not! Join us and let’s talk shit!

In this episode we dive into:

  • The ideal poop

  • How much fiber should we consume?

  • The gut microbiome - bugs in our gut!

  • Gut-brain connection and performance

  • HRV, tools and tracking

  • What were MY biggest healing tools

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