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See how different foods affect your health by using a continuous glucose monitor and food logging system to log your food an track your blood sugar levels. 


When you purchase this package you will be shipped 1 dexcom G6PRO devices that lasts for 10 days. You will attach the first sensor and log your food in our automated system for 10 days. After the 10 days you will have an appointment with one of our modrn doctors to review your data and create an individualized plan to optimize your health based on your blood sugar responses to different foods. 


You will implement these changes and then have a second sensor to use to check how your body has responded to the changes you have made. 


This package comes with:

  • 1 dexcom G6 PRO devices
  • 1 visit with a modrn med doctor to review your data
  • Personalized plan to implement based on your blood sugar and nutrition data

Continuous glucose monitor, food logging and doctor interpretation

  • This is a final sale item, it can not be returned or refunded

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