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Please note: A physical product will not be shipped upon purchase, but a shipping address is needed to set up an appointment.


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

– Benjamin Franklin

Do you feel healthy but want to ensure you stay that way? 


Please note: This service is currently available for California and Colorado residents. However, Dr. Scheeler extends this service to people residing in Maryland and Arizona as well. To schedule an appointment, kindly reach out via email (

Modrn Med offers extensive lab testing and a detailed evaluation of your physical and mental health to prevent illnesses.

This appointment, led by Dr. Mary Pardee, can be conducted either in person at our Sherman Oaks, CA office or virtually through video chat. For house call inquiries, please email us for pricing (

What's included:

  • A comprehensive 1-hour intake covering your medical and family history, along with:

    • Review of nutrition
    • Evaluation of lifestyle and exercise habits
    • Assessment of current medications
    • Physical examination encompassing heart, lung, abdominal, blood pressure, and thyroid checks.
    • Grip strength test (for in-person visits) which correlates with longevity.
  • Supplement review:

    • Curious if your supplements suit you? We'll optimize your supplement regimen based on your family history, medical background, symptoms, and goals.
  • Lab order:

    • A comprehensive lab order placed with Quest Diagnostics/Lab Corp. This involves a detailed blood work panel providing insights into metabolic health, cardiovascular risk factors, inflammation levels, vitamin/mineral levels, and more. Learn more about the labs we use: [here](insert link). (***Please note: Lab work costs are determined by your insurance coverage and are not included in this price)
    • Body composition testing (***Please note: this cost is not included in this price, and will be determined by the location prices that are nearest to you). 
  • Second appointment (lab review):

    • A 1-hour review session covering your lab results and body composition testing.
    • Comprehensive holistic plan:

      • Tailored exercise and nutrition recommendations
      • Supplement suggestions aligned with your blood work and health history
      • Medication recommendations based on blood work and health history.

Longevity Initial Intake + Lab review (Two, 1-hour visits) (CA or CO residents)

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