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After your complimentary phone consultation comes the initial appointment where we will gather information about your health history, nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, and supplement/medication routine.

Initial Appointment


Lab testing helps evaluate health from the inside out. Functional medicine doctors use comprehensive testing that looks for the root cause of your health issues. At MODRNmed we believe in testing, not guessing.

Functional Testing

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Dr. Mary Live Talk

A live presentation about metabolism and functional medicine. I also provide my protocol that is a complete body reset. This is ideal for businesses and organizations that want to optimize.

Live Talks

What People Say

"I’m through the roof happy about my results working with Dr. Ari and Dr. Mary of Modrn Med.


I thought I was healthy. But my blood panels showed a different story. Here are my results working with them:


• Lipids are stabilized and optimized.

• My testosterone is up. • My mood is stable

• I went from about 30 supplements down to 7.

• No longer need coffee to get me going.


And it's based on my biology. What's even more amazing is I never had to leave my house. They sent the people to me to get blood draws, and I meet with them over Zoom.".

—  MODRN Client, MA

Learn About Our Reset Programs

Reset Progams

We offer  10-Day Reset programs for individuals and groups that will help you recharge your metabolism, boost energy, break cravings, and lose weight.

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