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What makes Modrn Med different ?

Patient-Centered Approach with Personalized Health Plans

We prioritize your health, promoting wellness as a positive state, not just the absence of illness. Our approach is to listen to you, understand your concerns, and guide you in exploring yourself so we can tailor treatments that meet your specific needs. Treatment plans are very wholistic and individualized to you. Plans include nutrition recommendations, exercise, stress management, supplementation, and pharmaceuticals when appropriate. 

Science-Based and Integrative

Our research and science based approach sets us apart from most integrative/functional medicine practices. Dr. Mary Pardee, modrn med's founder, sees a limited number of patients so she can devote a large amount of her time to keeping up to date with the most recent health and medical research. This information is discussed with all of modrn med's doctors on a weekly team call where the practitioners have time to share insights, new research findings and ensure that you are getting access to cutting edge medical research as soon as it is available. 

Combining the Best of Medical Practices

We merge conventional Western medicine with nutrition, supplementation, exercise science, and mental and emotional health. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation in the integrative/functional medicine space and many doctors are putting patients on a long list of supplements that have little to no research to back them. Dr. Mary created a course that discusses how the supplement industry is filled with myths, and how many of the most common supplements lack research to support their use. At modrn med we are dedicated to helping our patients sift through this information and create an evidence based plan that is also economical. We are dedicated to using treatments that work and are evidence-based. 

Advanced Testing that is Evidence Based

We use in-depth blood work and other testing modalities that are more comprehensive than conventional primary care doctors. This allows us to get a better picture of your health status, not just whether you are sick or not. Many traditional doctors offices will send patients a message that "everything is normal" despite having symptoms. At modrn med we are devoted to empowering you with knowledge. We review all lab work with you directly and explain what each test means so you can understand where you are and where you want to go.

All lab orders are custom to your specific health concerns, family history, goals and lifestyle.  

We are also dedicated to using labs that are based in evidence. Many integrative/functional doctors use labs that lack research, are expensive and are not covered by insurance. We aim to use as many tests that can be covered by insurance as possible. 

Holistic Approach

We evaluate all aspects of a person's life, including the mind-body-spirit connection. We promote both mental and physical health and believe that all of these factors equally play a part in long-lasting health.

Collaborative Patient Care - Weekly Team Meetings

Another factor that sets us apart from other practices is that we collaborate as a team of doctors. Every week we meet as a team to discuss new research and modalities that benefit our patients. We teach each other new information we have gathered over the week so we can learn and grow as a unit. 


Our weekly meetings serve as a time for us to review individual patient cases so that you have the advantage of having multiple doctors review your case and ensure that the best treatment plans are created for you. 

When you join modrn med you have access to all of the modrn med doctors. It is not uncommon for our patients to occasionally see other doctors in our practice beyond the doctor that you start with. This allows for flexibility in your care and gives you access to a network of doctors with different sub-specialties without having to start over with a new medical practice. 

Lastly, our weekly team meetings are a place for us to practice what we preach. We start our meetings with a meditation and a personal check-in. During our check-ins we share with each other how our own health journey is going, what we are struggling with and how we are supporting ourselves. 

Stop guessing and get to the root cause of your discomfort

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