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Courses and Podcasts


Modrn Wellness Podcast

with Dr. Mary Pardee

Each week, join Dr. Mary and her team of dedicated doctors as they discuss ”modrn” wellness solutions to chronic gut issues in our newest podcast


The Truth about Supplements

with Dr. Mary Pardee

In this 12-day course with Dr. Mary Pardee, you will learn the science behind what you’re putting in your body, the effectiveness of different options, and how to pick the right supplements for you.

Watch the first 6 days for free.

Gut Health Course

with Dr. Mary Pardee

This comprehensive course through One Commune empowers you to discover the root causes of your symptoms so you can take steps to feel better, every day. 

Topics covered include IBS, IBD, SIBO, leaky gut, reflux,

gut-brain connection, fecal transplants, and so much more... 

Watch this course free for 5 days.

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