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Your journey to wellness begins here

Take control of your well-being by addressing the root cause of your health concerns with evidence-based medicine. Offering virtual & in-person consultations.

Healthcare vs. Sick care

We believe that your doctor should help you achieve optimal health, not just avoid disease. We are functional medicine and naturopathic medical doctors who want to find the root cause of your gut & hormone symptoms to get you the health results you desire.


Healthy Starts Here

Free Consultation

15-minute consultation with a practitioner to discuss your needs and how modrn med can help. Get Started

Initial Intake

Meet with a practitioner virtually from home or in person. Learn More

Comprehensive Lab Testing

Lab testing helps evaluate health from the inside out. At modrn med we believe in testing, not guessing.  Learn More


Personalized Health Plan

Receive a personalized health plan from your practitioner. This may include lifestyle, nutrition, and mind-body recommendations as well as herbs, vitamins/minerals, and prescription medications when necessary. 

"The doctors at modrn med understand the importance of treating the whole person. They used comprehensive and advanced lab testing to help me understand the root causes of my issues."

Alexa, CA

Stop guessing and get to the root cause of your discomfort

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with Dr. Mary Pardee

This comprehensive course through One Commune empowers you to discover the root causes of your symptoms so you can take steps to feel better, every day.

Topics covered include IBS, IBD, SIBO, leaky gut, reflux, gut-brain connection, fecal transplants, and so much more... 

Our Specialties

"Modrn med has truly changed my health and life. I really feel so much more relaxed around food and my symptoms have improved greatly. The physical and mental changes are so exciting. I am very appreciative of all of the support throughout this process!"

Julie M

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Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

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