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Are you truly healthy? A deep dive into your health and labs with Dr. Mary

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Have you ever felt symptoms, visited your doctor, or run a plethora of tests, only to be told that everything is “normal?" This is far too common. When it comes to optimal health, there’s more to it than a few blood tests that look at reference ranges based on the average person. Simply put: “normal” does not mean “optimal."

That's why I sat down with Broken Brain podcast host Dhru Purohit to walk you through what optimal health looks like and how you can get there. We discuss 13 different medical tests so you know exactly which tests your doctor should run and what your results should look like.

Dr. Mary also created a reference sheet for functional lab ranges for you to keep!

In this episode we dive into:

  • Understanding the difference between healthspan and lifespan (7:07)

  • Vital signs (16:20)

  • At home devices to measure HRV (21:41)

  • General physical exam (25:03)

  • Explaining what “reference ranges” means when it comes to lab work (41:30)

  • Cardiovascular health (56:08)

  • Metabolic tests (1:05:52)

  • Hormones (1:12:35)

  • Immune function and tests (1:36:17)

  • Detox system (1:39:17)

  • Mitochondrial health (1:43:39)

  • Genetics (1:48:03)

  • Neurological system and health (1:52:22)

  • Anti-aging (1:52:46)

You can tune into our full conversation on YouTube or download the podcast episode (#105).

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