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How to lose weight if you are already eating healthy and exercising with DIETICIAN: Atifah Osman, RD

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Two-thirds of adults in the United States are overweight or have obesity and 38% of Americans have prediabetes -- a metabolic condition that can be reversed with weight-loss and lifestyle changes.

From a functional medicine perspective, we can look at these issues from several important angles.

In this conversation between Dr. Mary and Atifah Osman, RD, they discuss how to go about weight loss, even if you are already eating healthy and exercising.

First, we talk about the difference between body composition vs weight.

  • Body composition is referring to how much of your body is fat versus muscle/water.

  • Weight on the other hand is an absolute number.

Then, we dive into the details of the data we look at to discover areas to optimize.

At modrn med we send patients to do a DEXA body composition test to look at % fat mass vs % lean body mass to evaluate health at a deeper level.

The goal is body composition optimization- losing fat mass vs just losing body weight which may include losing muscle mass (which is not ideal!).

Atifah talks about how she uses continuous glucose monitors like the DEXCOM to help people identify foods that are spiking blood sugar levels and can contribute to an inability to lose weight.

And the details keep coming through the entire podcast. Here are some timestamps:

14:27: Dr. Mary highlights the three essential components to a meal that help us feel full so that we do not over eat.

17:30: Atifah talks about how this one simple tip can help to reduce body weight.

19:20: How to lose weight when you don't have a lot of time to cook every day - including some healthy quick snack ideas to keep in your fridge and eat on the go.

For even more information, check out the modrn med food strategy guide to see what Atifah and Dr. Mary consider a "healthy plate".

26:41 Atifah gives us actionable tips on how to order when you are eating out to optimize for protein intake when you are looking to optimize your body composition.

31:45 We discuss why intuitive eating may not always be the best option in the beginning of a weight loss effort due to the hormone leptin.

34:45 Dr. Mary talks about how we may have been taught at a young age to override our intuition of when we feel full.

36:49 We dive into the psychology behind sweets and desserts that is hard wired into us during childhood. HINT: it involves celebration and bribes. And this simple acknowledgment of where our cravings come from can help us to break our habits and create new healthy habits in their place.

We are delighted to have Atifah Osman as a registered dietitian and health coach at modrn med. She is a graduate of the AFMCP program with the Institute of Functional Medicine.

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